Online Casinos Guide in the UK

There are hundreds of licensed online casinos in the United Kingdom. These virtual establishments allow hundreds of thousands of players throughout the country to indulge in a wealthy quality of casino games without having to set foot in a physical casino. That’s all thanks to the internet revolution, the gift that keeps on giving. Players from different parts of the country are allowed to play in online casinos; all you have to do register a real money account, put some money in it, and you are good to go.

But as we said earlier, there are hundreds — and possibly more — of these online establishments in the UK. As a new player, you might find yourself struggling to choose just the right one to play in. The internet is full of rigged platforms and fly-by-night scammers in the game of online casinos, so you have to be careful with the selection process. Here are the key elements to look before you sign up an account with an online casino.

Licensing and Regulatory Position

Always check whether the online casino has met the licensing and regulation requirements as set out by the government. All online and land-based casinos in the UK need to be licensed by the Gambling Commission to operate in the country. The Gambling Commission is the body entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the online casino plays fair. Don’t sign up for a website that isn’t regulated.


Bonuses are an opportunity to earn free money. There are many types of casino bonuses — which have become a staple marketing tool lately — and you need to ensure that the casino you are registering with guarantees most of them. Common casino bonuses include sign up bonus, reload bonus, loyalty bonus, payment method, etc.

Deposit Methods

To play online casino games, you need to open a real money account and fund it. Ask about available deposit methods to establish if they are convenient for you. You will be using these methods to fund your bankroll so you need to make sure that its practical.

Manual Flashing

Withdrawing money from your casino account usually involves two steps. After you make the request, its verified and then processed. The processing stage has a reversal period, a duration within which you can cancel the request and reverse the transaction. The reversal period prolongs the withdrawal process. Manual flashing, when available, allows players to skip the reversal period and get their money faster.

Game Selection

What games can you play at the online casino? A casino is only as interesting as the games it offers. Check out the site’s game selection before you sign up. Few games means lower chances of winning and increased likelihood of boredom. If you settle for a casino with a narrow selection of games, you find your same at the same position you are in in a couple of weeks, looking for a new online casino.